5 PPC survival tips during the pandemic


COVID-19 is all over the world, to be honest. No one can get off the projected models, latest headlines, or local news.

But what about those who breathe in marketing?

Marketers are not only dealing with the personal aspects of a disaster, but also handling client crisis as its own.

There seems to be no exit. The whole world is in the midst of a crisis.

If you’re not concerned, a crisis can take over your work and private life.

Here are five tactics that will help you survive the pandemic.

  • Survival Tip #1: Practice Empathy

Empathy is a two-way route and to begin, empathize your clients first.

Empathy with Clients

If your clients are working in delicate industries during this time of crisis like travel, hospitality etc., there is no doubt that spending has come to a near pause.

Some agencies have been less lucky than others depending on the industries they serve.

The result of the pandemic includes employee furloughs, shrunken contracts, and probably even layoffs.

Now is the time to be having real conversations with your client because they need your help and you also need their help.

Business aside, it’s more critical than ever to begin with these simple words:

“How can I help?”

“How are you doing?”

We’re all humans in the end, maybe you’ll require to re-negotiate for the timing or your contracts may get suspended due to budget constraints.

Having empathy during a crisis will probably put your business relationship ahead in the future.

  • Survival Tip #2: Pivot Strategy

Across the board, every industry is manifesting signs of changing strategy.

We’ve seen drastic shifts in minimizing advertising costs. The exact reverse is happening in other industries.

If fortuitous enough, companies are taking advantage of this period of decreased competition to capture their market more efficiently.

  • Survival Tip #3: Be Proactive

Being proactive moves together with practicing empathy. Your clients are possibly pulled in 1,000 directions right now.

Marketing during a disaster is the time to be proactive with your clients.

  • Survival Tip #4: Re-Master Your Skill Set

How many of you have things on your to-do list that keep you always put off? There would be many! You may suddenly be deluged with an additional amount of non-client hours. If client hours have been cast, it’s simple to mentally check out.

But, what if you utilize your time re-mastering your skillset? That sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

Here are a few tips to keep your skills honed during a crisis:

  • Browse through those PPC blogs in your email folder.
  • Obtain your renewed Google and Microsoft Ads certifications.
  • Practice the skills you need to re-master on live accounts.


  • Survival Tip #5: Learn a New Skill

Maybe you’re a pro in PPC, but now take sometime to learn SEO as well. This will help you in future to serve your clients better and efficiently. If you own a company and looking for digital marketing experts, then this is the right time to hire the right company at better cost and for a long-term.

We’re All in This Together

During times of emergency in the entire world, emotions are high.

Work/life balance has become unstable.

Everbody is working from home and marketers are not an exception in this regards.

It’s challenging to navigate, separate work and personal all in one space.

Returning it back to survival tip #1: empathy.

Without it, life will be more painful. So focus on your business needs as well as client’s needs. Reach Us at www.pepagora.digital to help you to setup PPC campaigns for your business.