5 SMM strategies that will improve your online presence!


In this digital era, businesses and social media platforms are undividable. If you want to take your business to the next level, then making your social presence stronger than ever is an integral part. To be specific, social media is responsible for both the online and offline success of a business. As per a recently released survey, there are approx. 3.2 billion social media users across the globe and 42% of them contribute to the global population. And these numbers will soon increase!

Facebook is the first revolutionary social media platform that brought this change due to which, it is the most widely used platform today. However, you cannot overlook Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for that purpose; even they can impact your business immensely.

How can you rule these platforms? Here are the 5 effective SMM strategies that can make things happen:

  1. Begin with quality content-

You will never regret choosing quality content over any other method. As we know that quality content plays an important for online marketing but it equally impacts your social media presence. Therefore, consider it as a building block to run social media campaigns effectively and also ensure that you publish blogs consistently as well as promote it.

Here are a few options that you can take into account with regards to content:

  • Develop blogs that share expert tips within your business domain
  • Add effective practices and strategies that would help businesses
  • Listing “Top 10” information can also prove to be helpful


  1. Use videos-

Video is another social media tactic that adds to your strategy list. Today, visual has a lot more impact than write-ups. However, when you’re planning to create a video make sure you get things right about the subject. As per industry experts, three out of four businesses have stated that videos help them to increase sales. Be very particular about the video content, it should not be too lengthy. Be straight to the point, write precise and crisp content. Your video should convey a story or it should talk about your brand.

  1. Send a personalized message-

You might have connected to many industry experts on your social media accounts. Once you’ve established a client base, start sending them personalized messages with regards to your services. These personalized messages prove your authentication and honesty and customers of today have faith in that. If you make such types of connections, you will directly stand out of the competition.

  1. Use email marketing-

Email marketing is an ever-green and affordable marketing strategy to date. Do you know that 90% of digital marketers prefer email marketing to boost their business sales? Yes! Many marketers believe in email marketing and the outcomes it delivers. Hence, if you have an existing email list, send them a newsletter every week. Talk about your services in the composed email, understand their requirements, and come up with a viable solution.

  1. Facebook ad campaigns-

How can we talk about social media marketing without adding Facebook to our list? Facebook is the largest social media channel across the globe with 2million active monthly users. As per research, about 60% of the customers are influenced by social media while shopping online and Facebook contributes to 44% of them. You can use Facebook for free by creating your page and posting content on a daily basis or you can invest in ad campaigns to see pop up on the screens of your customers.


Pepagora Internet hopes the above-mentioned social media strategies can help you to enhance your online presence and let your brand outshine in the market. Contact us at www.pepagora.digital to increase your leads generation through SMM strategies.