4 things to have on your website


Website alone doesn’t bring business. It needs to tick all boxes and should meet user’s diverse demands. Website development is an evolving task and it should understand needs that evolve with time. If you are having a website in today’s time, then you must refrain from inculcating these things in your website.

No strong calls to action

Your website exists for a reason. The underlying aim of your website is to attract more users and convert them into your customers. You may build a fantastic website that attracts tons of users and even glues them. But if you don’t have a strong call to action then you are throwing down a massive opportunity of increasing your customer base. Where to place the call to cation buttons is another confusing question. Place them on banners and at the end of the pages where users complete the scrolling.

Not optimized for mobile devices

Mobiles have become de facto devices for accessing internet and more than half of Google’s searches happen through mobiles. So, it is mandatory to optimize your website for mobiles. And if you haven’t optimized it yet, do it ASAP. If your website doesn’t open on mobiles, there are possibilities that you may lose customers!

Inadequate security measures

This is 2018 and today security tops the list of priorities of customers. Users want assurance that the information they provide to websites isn’t used by any third party. And if their data is leaked, then websites lose their customers forever. Hence, utilize the best security measures and don’t forget to update them frequently. Get your SSL certification for your website.

No ease of navigation and more load time

Users hate websites that don’t have ease of navigation. They abandon those sites and 40% of people leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  When designing your website, ensure you use fewer images and flat or semi-flat designs. Designs that are clean and flat will reduce the loading speed. Don’t make the users navigate very often, they may not like instead improve the navigation.