3 Actionable strategies for online lead generation


3 Actionable strategies for online lead generation - Pepagora Internet

As the adage goes, “You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect”- Zig Zigler!

As an entrepreneur, you apparently don’t need the late speaker, author and salesman Zig Zigler to tell you this one easy fact: no prospects = no business.

This concept is so simple; you knew it from the time you were in your high school. If none of your bystanders stopped their cars and got out, you had no opportunity of making any money, right?

Generating leads is essential for every business. The more income a company has, the more leads they generate.

However, things have shifted a little since then, now the way you find and qualify leads has transformed. And since the world is moving online, online lead generation has become imperative.

So in this blog, we’ll be explaining 3 actionable strategies for online lead generation:

  1. Analyze your competition:

Many sports team spend their time watching the game of opponents to understand their tactics or discover the weakness.

Thus, you need to study your competition. A competitive analysis assists you sneakily find out what your competitors are doing.

And once you know what they’re doing, you can do it rightly.

So how do you perform a competitive analysis? Firstly, make sure you know who your opponents are. In common, your opponents will be companies that are related to yours in industry, size, and target audience.

Once you know who your competition is, examine their marketing strategy. What kinds of content are they concentrating on? Take notes on their struggles to draw customers online and what is working the best.

  1. Refine your Instagram strategy for Greater Online Lead Generation-

Instagram is an essential tool in any marketing strategy. One billion people use Instagram, and if your brand feeds to a younger demographic, this social platform is particularly vital for you. 59% of U.S. users are below 30. And surprisingly, 72% of all teens use Instagram every day and they have more purchasing power than you may think.

So if you’re utilizing Instagram, you’re already ahead of the competition. But to ramp up your online lead generation, you have to do more than use Instagram… you have to optimize it the right way.

  1. Optimize your email optin form-

When it comes to email marketing, you’ve already conquered half the battle. After all, if someone has consented to allow you to email them, that means they’re already inquisitive about what you do. The only surviving difficulty is creating a robust call-to-action that will transform this lead into a consumer.

89% of marketers suggest that email is their most-used channel for generating leads. Your competition is practicing email, too, so optimize your email efforts and make them the most useful they can be.

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