5 easy SEO hacks to outperform your competitors


Are you looking for some SEO hacks?

SEO doesn’t have to be intricate, but sometimes it does seem so.

You’ll find many companies struggle to rank above their opponents even after learning the basics right, such as targeting the right keywords, having an XML sitemap, and creating great content. No wonder proving return on investment is the biggest SEO challenge.

While there are numerous reasons as to why your website isn’t ranking higher than your rivals, you can always try out several ideas to see if they give you some results. So we’ll be talking about implementing some simple SEO hacks to enhance your chances of boosting your ranking.

But before moving further, ask yourself: Are you making the mentioned mistakes below:

  1. You’re still dependent on outdated practice
  2. You haven’t worked on your website
  3. You continue to play the blind game

Alright, now it’s time to look into 5 simple yet effective SEO hacks that can benefit you outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines:

  1. Focus on creating evergreen content-

Evergreen content isn’t complicated. It’s quite self-explanatory. It refers to content that once generated remains compelling and valuable for a long period.

And since this kind of content isn’t fading or time-sensitive, it can draw new readers consistently, which makes publishing evergreen content one of the easiest yet effective SEO hacks out there.

  1. Make use of rich snippets-

Rich snippets make your business listings in the search engine result pages look diverse, unique, and informative. Once you reach the first-page listings of Google, you should make sure that you’re noticing a higher number of clicks. There are several SEO hacks to help you rank higher. But when it comes to making a better CTR, rich snippets take the cake.

  1. Spread homepage link authority-

Your homepage is of course the star of your website. It’s where most people enter your website through. When matched to other pages of your site, it’s also the page that typically draws the most amounts of backlinks. If you are not active at SEO, you will not do anything about the link authority of your homepage and let it go.

  1. Implement accelerated mobile pages-

Have you seen that sometimes the web pages that you open on your mobile look shredded and simple? This happens because of “Accelerated Mobile Pages” or AMP, which is a coding example for publishers. It’s one of those useful SEO hacks that normally neglected.

  1. Increase organic click-through rate-

Many times brands/companies do not understand the value of having a high click-through rate (CTR). They only concentrate and work on increasing their search engine rankings, which is fine.

But what’s the value of entering the first page of Google if only some people are going to click on your link? Only when you are in the top three search results, you have to do more to produce more clicks.

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