3 ways to your set social media goals!


3 ways to your set social media goals - Pepagora Internet

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is doing wonders for businesses of all types. But still, a lot of brands think that discovering the true ROI of a social media campaign is not simple. And that has driven them to cast social media marketing altogether.

However, the fact of the matter is, social media marketing is similar to any other type of digital marketing, where it is very much feasible to measure the ROI. However, it may be challenging for some, particularly to those businesses that do not have access to the right resources.

Here are 3 effective to set your social media goals:

Step #1: Know Your Main Objective

Your social media objective is bound in with your social media goals, but it’s not the same as them. Your primary objective gives direction to your social media marketing and transparency on what to accomplish. It comes much before your goals.

Step #2: Set SMART Social Media Goals

Managing your social media goals becomes more accessible when you follow a validated framework. While there are several goal-setting methods out there, one that stands apart from the rest is the SMART goal-setting system. Using which you can build goals that are not only worthy but also realistic.

The goals that support the SMART framework are…

  • Specific:The more clear and defined your goal is, the better.
  • Measurable:You should be able to track and measure your goal.
  • Achievable:Is your goal achievable? Or too tough to achieve?
  • Realistic:Your goal needs to be sensible and realistic in terms of the people you have.
  • Time Sensitive:Whether long-term or short-term, your goal has to be precise.

Step #3: Conduct a Social Media Audit

One of the most crucial tasks you need to take care of, even before establishing your social media goals, is to build your baseline targets. Or else your social media marketing will prove to be inadequate and ineffective. By conducting a proper social media audit, you will not only discover these baseline targets, but also assure that each goal you set is laser-targeted.

So what exactly the term social media audit mean?

According to HubSpot, “A social media audit is a regular examination of social channels that represent your brand — including both your business’ owned profiles and imposter accounts”.

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