A complete guide to integrated digital marketing campaigns – Pepagora Internet


A complete guide to integrated digital marketing campaigns - Pepagora Internet

As your business evolves, you begin considering extending your marketing campaigns to reach beyond the easy single-channel approaches that have been used in the past. However, when running multi-pronged marketing campaigns, it’s essential to deliver a uniform message to draw your customers or clients and to accompany them throughout the complete sales process.

In an integrated marketing campaign, there needs to be an amalgamated plan for how to lead consumers to sales. Here in this blog, we’ll be running an integrated digital marketing campaign.

The basic principles of an integrated digital marketing strategy involve various factors:

Now we’ll begin with the strategies that you can implement to setup integrated digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Create a digital marketing strategy-

Before starting, to efficiently target your typical markets, you need a strategy. This is important before making any investments, to ensure that you do not spend your resources where they will not affect. Let’s look at the components involved:

  • Buyer Persona
  • Goals and Tools
  • Evaluate existing strategy
  • Audit your campaigns
  • Bound everything together
  1. Need the right resources to compete-

Before you begin, it is necessary to note that to accurately execute your plan you need support in place to cover every phase of your campaign. If you have outlined a solid campaign, you need to assure that you don’t let important aspects fall behind. If you are in an especially competitive field, you need to be sure that you have adequate resources to meet your opponents. And the major resources include:

  • Human capital
  • Resources
  • Software
  • Finances
  1. Consistency in variation-

One major factor of integrated marketing is that you keep your message consistent across all channels; ensure that if you have a motto that you wish to associate with your goods that it performs consistently where consumers see you so that the unions can travel from one medium to another.

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