5 marketing agency tips for landing page


Landing page optimization plays a vital role in increasing conversion rates and ROI. This guide includes top marketing agency tips that will help businesses reap the benefits of effective optimization strategies.

A quick introduction to landing pages

Before we start with ways to optimize landing pages and increase conversion rates and sales, it’s beneficial to take a more intimate look at landing pages and the part they play. Landing pages are committed to web pages, which are created to promote particular products, offers or services and assist the user to take action. The main aim of the page will depend on your objective.

  • Relevancy and consistency

Landing pages are detached web pages, which should assist a separate purpose to your homepage and extra sections, such as About Us or Services tabs. The purpose is to utilize landing pages to advertise services or products and promote the web user to pass through the funnel to enter the final stage. Your landing pages should be related to the link, the post, the headline, or the advert from which a prospective lead landed on your site.

  • Adding video content

According to statistics, adding video content to a landing page can improve conversion rates by over 85%. Video clips are more attractive to the huge majority of web users, and the mind processes visual content around 60,000 x faster than text. The excellence of using videos is that you can engage on a more profound level.

  • Building a catchy headline and sub-headline

The goal of a landing page is to shift the interest into sales and orders. Research recommends that it takes just 7 seconds for human beings to create the first impression. This means that you have a real short window of time to get in touch with the customers and leave them seeking to learn more. A catchy title can turn heads and fascinate the imagination.

  • Including a clear call to action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is the web version of a selling pitch summary, which is used to drive the visitor to sign up, subscribe, fill-in their contact details or make a purchase.

  • Catering to the mobile market

Mobile devices are now the most common mode of accessing the web. It is anticipated that approx. 40% of companies are not providing to the mobile market. Mobile-friendly landing pages gain on the growing popularity of online shopping on the go, phone searches, and mobile usage, seamless means for customers to access information, providing a quick, buy products and a lot more.

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