3 Best Practices To Improve Email Deliverability


3 Best Practices To Improve Email Deliverability - Pepagora Internet

Do you know that 21% of opt-in emails never touch the inbox? Are you the part of that statistic? Maybe it’s time for you to enhance email deliverability. But how? Let’s begin…

Even though email is acknowledged as one of the most influential marketing channels, it’s is only useful if it reaches the targeted audience.

One way to make sure you enter the inbox of your aspired audience is by sustaining a steadfast reputation with major email providers. And how do you develop a good reputation?

By keeping your email list clear!

Here are 5 effective ways you can improve email deliverability today:

#1 Eliminate unresponsive subscribers-

  • Remove duplicate email addresses:Visualize receiving the same email many times. It’s irritating and can make you hit the unsubscribe button fast.
  • Remove invalid email addresses:A sure shot method to negatively affect your reputation and improve your bounce rates is to have wrong email addresses in your list.

Here are some steps you can take to battle wrong email addresses to improve email deliverability:

  • Don’t buy email lists.
  • Use double opt-in techniques.
  • Ask them for updated contact information.

#2 Segregate active and inactive email addresses-

When you frequently email your complete list, subscribers who never open or connect can negatively influence your reputation. In some cases, it’s been discovered that this can also affect delivery to your most active subscribers.

That’s the reason classifying active users from inactive ones are a crucial step toward forming a good reputation. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, define “active” and “inactive” users.
  • Create different email campaigns for actives and inactives

#3 Go easy with your inactive subscribers-

In step #2, we recommended that you remove the dormant subscribers from your email list and put them into a separate one. Now, don’t send your weekly emails to this list. Let them “rest” for a while.

Continuously mailing an inactive group of subscribers will only bring your eminence down.

Instead, put them into a special re-engagement program to make them active subscribers again before you prefer to delete their email address from your contacts.

However, if you’re unable to sort your email deliverability, get in touch with Pepagora’s team for more assistance at www.pepagora.digital