5 tips and tricks to optimize your Brand’s Twitter Profile!


Do you know there are 330 million monthly users and over 350,000 tweets posted per minute? Sounds interesting

However, do you know, who are the massive engaged users in Twitter- Your potential clients and customers!

If they’re on Twitter, your business or brand must be, too.

It’s not only about the customers and clients that are active on Twitter, but the bloggers, journalists, and influencers who are looking for a brand fan, and company story beliefs – and when they go hunting for something in your vertical, you want to make sure your business shows up.

And let’s not overlook the intense consumers who flock to Twitter to voice opinions, complaints, and concerns– if a conversation begins about your brand, you want to monitor it, share and steer it.

So here we discover fives tips for optimizing your business or brand’s Twitter profile!

  1. Craft Your Twitter Bio with Care

Your Twitter bio is your last opportunity to hit Twitter’s search engine and drive visits to your profile in 160 characters or less. Use highly relevant keywords and hashtags.

When analyzing which hashtags to use be conscious that the hashtags you use in your bio will be clickable and could also be a diversion from your bio.

If someone does click through the hashtag be careful you are not driving them to your rivals if you are using an industry hashtag.

  1. Add the Right Kind of Profile Image

Make sure you add an image to your Twitter profile.

Businesses and brands should use a variant of their logo that is clearly recognizable and senator of your brand.

If your logo has numerous text or doesn’t show up properly in the small square for your profile image, do create a secondary logo that will befit Twitter and other social media profile images.

Think about image size, color, and how it will appear from a mobile device, etc.

Twitter supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG file formats, and will acquire profile photos up to 2 MB. Twitter’s supported file size is 400×400 pixels.

  1. Add a Header Image

Match your header image to a magazine cover. Change it periodically and use the place to showcase your brand. You get 1500×1500 pixels, so there’s a lot more room to fiddle with equaled to your profile picture!

Here are a few ideas of what you highlight in your header image:

  • A new product
  • Top-selling products
  • A picture of your team
  • Your store or office
  • A special business event
  • Your business at a trade show
  1. Take your Customers to a Specific Page on Your Website

This is where you can go beyond the standard home page link. Think about any particular pages you want to promote on Twitter.

As many reporters and bloggers use Twitter to spring stories, you could connect to your company newsroom or blog.

More so, you could use the link to lead your followers to download a free guide, sign up for a webinar, subscribe to your email list, or any other conversion you might have in mind.

  1. Add a Location to Your Twitter Profile

If you’re a local business, fill out the location section of your Twitter profile. This way Twitter’s algorithm can match up your content with other regionally based audience prospects.

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