Five website design trends that will rule 2018


2018 has brought with it sweeping changes in the digital world. Courtesy of the latest developments, the look of websites is sure to undergo massive change as well. As the technology advances, we need to update ourselves along with it, else we will be outdated. It is essential to always look for latest trends in technologies. Here we look at the five website design trends that will rule 2018.

Richer colour experience

Modern devices are equipped with screens that display ultra-high definition and 4K resolutions. Courtesy of these screens, users are able to view colours effectively. This has forced developers to use their colour pallet liberally and produce richer, vibrant, bolder and sharper colours. Don’t infuse flashy colours that’s irrelevant to your logo or business, choose strong but vibrant colours.

Animated CSS

Videos are becoming obsolete as they cannot adjust according to different screen sizes. In 2018 they will be replaced by animated CSS. Animated CSS is more dynamic, and it can be customized effectively. Hence its impact doesn’t get hampered when it is viewed on different screens.

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations are informative, entertaining and effective. Hence more and more websites are embracing custom illustrations. These illustrations pump life in dry content and their biggest perk? They don’t affect functionality in any manner. So, be ready to experience more custom illustrations this year.

Bottom anchored navigation

2018 is the mobile-first era. Hence website developers have to ensure their content is easy to access for mobile users. This has forced them to design navigation items at the bottom of the screen as mobile users navigate content through thumb.

It is comfortable for the thumb to press buttons that are located at the bottom, so place navigations that need more clicks on the bottom of the page.

Clean and Simple layouts

Simple websites have better load time. Uncluttered sites bring relaxation and pushes users to spend more time on the site.

In a world full of cluttered websites, simple layout will be the winner as it is more streamlined and targeted. The users should not have any diversions from the websites, hence have a clean design that is to the point and makes the users focus on the objective.