How is social media helping businesses grow in this pandemic?


How is social media helping businesses grow in this pandemic - Pepagora Internet August 20

The unexpected COVID-19 outbreak has sealed a huge chunk of the global population in their apartments.

What does this suggest for the billions of commercial engines dispersed around the world? How are companies to defend themselves? If these questions are bothering you, you’re not the only one.

Luckily, this problem has a solution:

Social media marketing!

Why is Social Media Marketing the Answer?

Let’s look at the major reasons why you should take care of your marketing online now:


  • There’s a Clear Rise in Demand for Online Content


In the hunt of killing time, seeking knowledge, and soothing ourselves, more and more people are switching to online content. In fact, a report by Facebook reported that there’s been about a 70% rise in time spent on the application in Italy.


  • Influencers Make for Budget-Friendly and Effective Partners


Most influencers have it entirely—a regular following, great skills, and the resources required to self-create content, even staying in home. Plus, they have a method with online marketing and know precisely what will work when.

Also crucial to note is that influencers are not forgiven from the effects of a slowed-down economy. In this light, they may be more subject to negotiating and taking deals that they maybe wouldn’t on a normal day.


  • Small Efforts and Big Results


Do you know that online marketing doesn’t require a lot of efforts? You don’t have to waste big bucks or a lot of resources.

All you need to do is understand the need of the hour, and create unique content that will hit the demand of your audience. Moreover, a little wit and humor could be an added advantage. 

In this pandemic, you can also opt for digital marketing agencies. Even they’ve reduced their cost of services and willing to help your business grow. 


Once everything becomes normal, you’ll find your business on Google at the top position. So partner with the right digital marketing company and enhance your social business’s social presence. Connect with us today: