How to measure your success rate through Email Marketing


Email marketing is quite simple to track and measure. Most email marketing platforms offer a multitude of data that will help you estimate the performance of your email campaigns.

Your task is to determine those metrics that suit great to your email marketing goals and to keep an eye on them.

In this blog, we’ll list the most powerful email marketing metrics that will help you measure the success of your email marketing campaigns appropriately.

  1. Deliverability-

Deliverability is one of your crucial metrics. If people don’t notice your emails, there is no way they could read them. Maintaining a high deliverability rate is the compulsory step for handling thriving email marketing.

  1. Open Rates-

Your email open rates determine the number of people (in % points) who open your emails. The open rates give you a notion about the significance of your email campaigns to your audience. If people like what you email, they will be more enthusiastic to open, read and communicate with your emails.

  1. Click-through rates-

The click-through rates (CTRs) measure better the purpose of your email campaigns than the open rates. Usually represented as a percentage from the total email opens, the CTR estimates what percentage of your readers clicked on the links in your email.

  1. Conversion rates-

Conversion rates provide you with data which you can practice to measure the economic success of your email campaign. To measure conversion rates of your email marketing you will need to correlate your campaign with your website analytics tools. It will show you how many people reached the edge of your conversion path.

  1. Bounce rates-

There could be innumerable emails that will not enter your client’s inbox and the metric measuring this is termed bounce rate. Internet service providers observe the bounce rates dedicatedly, because they play major role in deciding sender’s credibility. However, there are two types of bounce rates- soft and hard.

When your client’s inbox is jammed and your message can’t enter it, this is a soft bounce. When you try to send an email to an email address that is blocked or doesn’t survive and your email message bounces back, this is a hard bounce. You need to be aware of hard bounce rates to protect your credibility.

  1. Unsubscribe rate-

The unsubscribe rate shows you how fulfilled your clients are with the content of your emails. A typical unsubscribe rate is 2%, everything beyond means that you have to work a bit more on your content tactics. To keep unsubscribe rates low, you should email often enough, so people don’t forget about your emails and that they have subscribed for sustaining them.

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