PPC Comeback Plan 3 Ways to Restart Your Paid Marketing


The world has become insane in early May 2020.

Pandemic, the stock market crashing, quarantine, social distancing, and a lot more is going on around us that has never happened.

So yes, things are a bit absurd, even in the search industry itself.

However, search demand for healthcare, CPG…and products designed to wipe out germs is high in demand.

In the end, the reality is, if you want to run your business, you need to get back into the market soon, but with some degree of logic.

To simply put across, your former strategy may not work anymore. You need to plan and be ready to adjust.

Given that, let’s discuss the various courses of action you can take to reenter your ads back into the SERP.

  1. Unfazed-

This model is quite easy. Somehow you came out of this absurd situation, or even ahead of the game.

This has been regarded for healthcare and CPG promoters.

Some competitors are already out of business, yet you have to improve your messaging but you didn’t take that big of a hit in revenue. CPCs may have even updated for you.

So, for all determined purposes, you were unfazed by the synopsis.

If you fall into this class, then, in reality, all you need to do is:

  • Update Messaging
  • Update your Bids
  • Double down on remarketing
  • Check your budget


  1. Open the floodgates-

From a business viewpoint, the quarantine was a nightmare for you, not a worst-case situation. You are still technically in business, but it was critical.

Sales/leads dived, going hand in hand with trade.

You had to pull back, and while you might have preserved some cash, you didn’t make up for it in recovery.

This hit all kinds of operations, including travel (which is almost destroyed), brick-and-mortar, and real estate to name a few.

The only way you envision comeback is big traffic, to earn better returns, in a short period.

So you are going to flood your account with money, to try and completely make up for the hidden conversions by way of the high traffic amount and high conversion rates.

This route isn’t for everyone, as it clashes with more comfort levels.

If you do want to go this route, yet, remember to do the following:

  • Brand funding
  • Structure
  • Ad copy relevance
  • Top funnel audiences


  1. Profit First-

Undoubtedly, your company had a rough time during the quarantine that only affected you personally, but professionally.

However, you were able to generate enough revenue during quarantine and/or had enough in the bank to be able to begin everything again.

There are instances of this in almost every vertical, as it came down to how you were running your business before the pandemic.

Since you aren’t under poverty, but you also don’t want to or can’t go mad with the spending, you’re planning for a more normal and gradual return to the SERPs.

With the optimism and expectation that if you draw in high enough profitability levels upfront on lower traffic volume, it will balance lower profitability as you scale traffic upward, over an extensive period.

Similar to the “Open the Floodgates” model, this isn’t for everyone. It is more moderate, more calculated, and more profitable.

But the sustainability at more inferior total return levels is merely successful for a growing company in the long term. You can only prefer this route if you have enough capital in the bank.

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