How to make your business future-proof with SEO?


Uncovering global events and variations in the economy recommend your marketing strategy may require an about-face.

It’s time to discover new marketing strategies to shield your business.

A strong look at your search marketing can help.

SEO professionals are used to the search landscape growing, but there are several factors that one can’t control.

But today, we’re encountering even more intricacies as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps through the world. Experts suggest that:

  • 65% of marketers foresee a decrease in their yearly marketing budget.
  • 86% of marketers anticipate that their marketing goals will be more difficult to reach.
  • 63% of respondents say SEO will be more powerful during this time.

While reduced budgets are marketers’ prime concern, reduction in staff and channel limitations are also crucial perceived warnings to marketing performance.

However, more than half of marketers think that SEO is more powerful during this time. Here are some factors explaining why it is important:

  • Organic & Content Initiatives Are Always ‘On’

Writing content that’s relevant to your customers and clarifying their questions will give you a head start for the prospect and help you succeed digitally.

  • Easy to Pivot & Reprioritize

It’s notably what we SEO specialists are always doing.

  • Create Content That Customers Need

People are indoor, searching for solutions, and help. We can all create content to support our customers.

  • SEO Is Cost-Effective

SEO is the most cost-effective investment comparatively.

  • Long-Term Benefits

What we create or do for our business in terms of SEO now, will help us in the long term.

What measures or steps you can take now for business growth?

  1. Address What’s Happening, But Don’t Be Anxious to Not Address It-

Create content that speaks what’s going on.

At the very time, don’t be hesitant to create content for your customers and users.

For example, even though you’re creating COVID-19-specific articles, you can still work on writing general content.

Most importantly, be vigilant with your messaging.

You don’t want to appear like you are striving to capitalize on the situation.

  1. Plant Those Trees Now

SEO is time-consuming, so companies that spend money on it will have a cost-effective engine to keep the traffic, sales, and leads coming during downturns.

Companies that depend largely on paid media are burning through these times. Don’t make your company one of them.

  1. Talk to Other Teams

If you haven’t then, now is the time to spring collaborating with other teams within your organization.

Talk to:

  • Paid folks.
  • Content folks.
  • Social folks.
  • IT / Tech.
  • The execs.

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