Tips and tricks to manage social media during COVID-19


When doom strikes, the old rules of social media are not applicable now. Manage your social media efforts through a dilemma using this quite different approach.

Presently, the word “unprecedented” has taken over the globe when referring to the public health crisis worldwide in which we see ourselves.

Obviously, we’re clearly in the middle of “a crisis of some kind,” but the point is that, even if this is the greatest crisis in which you’ve had to run social media, it surely will not be the last.

Living in “crisis mode” means that you and your marketing team may have to rethink your whole game plan to avoid being a tone-deaf, a mum, or worse like you are misusing a crisis for your brand.

While we don’t certainly know how long this critical crisis will be ongoing, there are a few common rules to adhere to when your country is under isolated or locked down.

It’s sufficient to have a plan of action in place right away so that you and your team can keep your business moving ahead, even in the middle of tragedy.

  1. Be calm and… Then Start Your Damage Control

Terms like crisis and tragedy don’t specifically incite feelings of happiness or comfort.

So the most significant thing you can do for yourself is to be calm. When trenchant news strikes, or when the future seems a bit more problematic, remember that you and your team are all humans first before brand employees.

The other benefit of beginning with a relaxed mind is, mistakes are made in fear.

If you aren’t accepting your human side, things will become difficult to predict the acknowledgments from the humans in your audience.

We recommend you, not to post a rapid-fire social media response to news that isn’t true, or one that increases panic or seizes “opportunity.”

Relax first, then act.

  1. Ask Yourself (& Your Brand) a Few Questions

Now that your posts and ads are suspended for the next two full days, it’s time to form out a suitable response.

It’s best to have a structure before the crisis about:

  • What is your brand all about
  • What your audience requires
  • How to go about crafting a suitable answer to the situation at hand.

Always ask yourself these questions:

  • Does Our Voice Even Matter Right Now?
  • How Can Our Brand Help?
  1. Check Your Tone

It’s not just what you answer and when you answer it when it comes to using social media in the midst of a crisis event: it’s how you speak it as well.

Crises are not good times for memes, jokes, or GIFs, particularly within that primary window quickly following the crisis.

Even if using humor is your own coping tool, or if eternal positivity is how you approach the world, be mindful of pitching it onto your brand strategy.

  1. Whatever You Do, Don’t Make It Worse & Don’t Get in the Way

A crisis of any type is in motion in the news cycle, it’s important to remember that, as things are revealing, information is changing.


Do not be the brand that boosts fear by sharing information that has not been accurately fact-checked.

Do not feed into a panic by posting articles that could contain incorrect or antiquated information or fear-mongering.

Know When It’s Time to Go Back to Business as Usual

Even in a global emergency that is ongoing, related to this pandemic, at some point, you will need to retort to business as usual.

Your brand can go back to its usual routine, but carefully.

You may need to reevaluate your strategy, your copy, your creativity, to make sure that there isn’t anything tone-deaf or improper in light of the crisis.

Be vigilant about the discovery and be ready to turn quickly if there are new improvements in an ongoing crisis, but know that you’re not held in an endless limbo with your strategy.

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