How You Can Turn To Digital Marketing to Survive in COVID-19?


How You Can Turn To Digital Marketing to Survive in COVID-19 - Pepagora Internet

There are a few obstacles that if you overlook long enough, they might go away. However, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t one of them. It has already had a substantial influence on every aspect of our lives and businesses – big and small – have been affected by this crisis. In such a situation, the only thing that seems to be the ray of hope is the help of technology.  

In multiple cases, the capability to adapt to the latest digital landscape will serve as a crucial factor, determining whether or not an enterprise will make it through the difficult times. All businesses across sectors are striving their level best to leverage digital solutions to sort their operations and stay afloat. 

Even when it comes to marketing, simply, going digital is the champion, and companies, even the ones who apparently didn’t have a Facebook page before, will ultimately have to shift to social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and influencer generated campaigns. Considering this, moving to digital marketing agencies will become the need of the hour. 

For months to come, one’s current clients and prospective clients are going to be less keen on the concept of letting one step in and shake their hands. Unhappily, no one has an exact idea of how long this might last.

To adapt to the uncertain times, there are a few things that one should keep in mind. Let’s take a look: 

  1. Be Vocal With The Customer

The primary step is to start a dialogue that will take place between companies and clients. For companies, which earlier never involved with their customers that much, now is the time to establish connections and engage with them regularly. One can begin by taking the following steps. 

  • Send a coronavirus email. Let your clients know how you’re coping with the prevailing crisis situation. Update them on the things that might affect them. 
  • Newsletters can help. Try to discuss all the essential steps that one has been practicing in an existing newsletter. Companies that already have a newsletter can inform subscribers about any future changes in the subsequent edition.
  • Announce on social media. Proclaim all the social media platforms one is a piece of. A public post on Facebook or Instagram or other platforms to notify customers. 
  1. Build A Social Media Presence

Due to the lockdown, maximum people are self-isolating and practicing social distancing, and their only source of information is the internet. 

According to a survey by Facebook, a 70% rise in time was conferred on the application in Italy. Then around March 2020, a survey was carried in the U.S., it was discovered that 43.1% of social media users would use Instagram more if restricted to their homes while 63.7% and 62.3% said their usage of YouTube and Facebook has improved since the lockdown was imposed. 

This is the point you should bank on social media. Leveraging social media to build a brand presence can be a unique idea in the present scenario. Brands can try to put out helpful and instructive content supported by viable sources, to engage their audience and interact with them regularly. 

  1. Create Advertisement Campaigns Online

We know, driving an online campaign can be overpowering for many companies that relied massively on word-of-mouth or conventional media. While customers can still be great ambassadors, though, an online campaign can publish the news very faster and with much less effort.

  1. Explore Content Marketing

It might be an oblique form of advertising; yet, it is still an extremely effective way to relate to your target audience. Whenever any business plans and then shares some insightful infographics, articles, other sorts of content, it collects engagement. This is excellent for brand awareness. Brands should aim to provide appropriate content to their audience and display themselves as a source of information. 

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