Pepagora Internet: 5 Factors of successful Digital Marketing Strategy


One of the most crucial objectives of marketing your business or services & product is interacting effectively with your potential customers.  It has been estimated that maximum businesses spend approx. 3 hours a day and 71 billion hours cumulatively per month on mobile phones, social apps, and the internet have clearly become their preferred mode of communicating with each other and the outside world. 

However, digital marketing is remarkably a dynamic field, with new trends and developments shaping the landscape at a frantic pace that can leave businesses feeling lost and upset. Digital marketing relies on various channels – social media, chat bots, online advertising, dedicated apps, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and various others – and each one comes with its own benefits, features, and weaknesses. Here are the 5 major factors that should be considered while developing an effective digital marketing strategy:

  1. Changing technology

Before the digital era arrived, traditional advertising and promotional campaigns – normally run through ads bought on television or print media, or over large billboards and hoardings – were costly and gave poor returns on investment. Low internet penetration rates meant that companies saw no real purpose in promoting themselves online. However, brands using digital platforms for their promotion have received more visibility that too with less investment.

  1. Changing consumer

Companies looking to penetrate into this lucrative opportunity must reckon for the change in their target audience while designing their campaigns.

Digital marketers must be able to get into the spirit of their audience to discover what would appeal most to their sensibilities. In terms of trends, a few aspects have become transparent – users hate inconvenience and ads that impede their habits.


  • Changing trends-


Even with all the ad blockers, businesses are still paying a growing amount of money on promoting their brand digitally. This is because they are using other campaigns that are planned to be more interactive and personalized.


  • Changing channels of communication-


With businesses looking for ways to personalize their offerings and make them more interactive, marketers have been utilizing multiple channels to interact with their target audience. This approach leverages the use of e-mail, blogs, social media, and ads interchangeably, enabling the business to follow-up on leads better and dodge losing business by putting all their eggs into one basket, like e-mail marketing.


  • Changing the rules of the game-


The good news is that digital marketing can help businesses engage with customers more effectively and efficiently. The sad news is that this means that every company is falling onto the digital marketing bandwagon. Companies looking to use this avail the digital opportunity and enhance must now compete with numerous others looking to do the same thing. As always, altering a business from the rest of the turn and standing out is helpful.

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