Pocket-friendly online marketing strategies to grow your business


The Internet has made marketing swift and simple and its biggest perk? You don’t have to spend a bomb for marketing online. You just should utilize the strategies proficiently.

If you are wondering how then go through the online marketing strategies listed ahead that are pocket-friendly and extremely effective.


70% of customers say that while knowing about a company, they choose articles over advertisements. So, the best way to enlighten people about your organization is through blogging which fortunately is cheaper than advertisements. Create a company blog and post relevant information frequently which attracts and affects consumers. This also influences the search engine results pages but consumes a lot of time for that.

Instructional Videos

Videos have quickly become an important content marketing tool. Due to their audio-visual appeal, videos are preferred by audiences and you can create a video channel and upload videos without spending a heavy amount. Videos related to your products and instructional videos can benefit your business immensely.

Email marketing

According to Getresponse.com, email marketing generates the best ROI among all online marketing tools and hence about 95 % of all marketers use emails as their primary marketing tool. Sending emails about your enterprise costs little and it can reap heavy benefits if done cautiously. If you avoid spamming and mail relevant content to consumers, you are sure to achieve success.

Online Contests

Through online contests, you can create a buzz and reach more people. These contests are effective for customer engagement and by throwing out prizes you build trust with customers. You may have to spend money for running the contest and for prizes, but it helps in staying relevant and making noise.

Industry partnerships

Tagging with an existing player in the market allows you to tap into his consumer base and woo more people at minimal costs. Partnerships help in expanding your network and goodwill and they allow you to connect with people in a distinctive manner.

Marketing is a key element of your business and it does require investment. But if you act smartly and spend wisely, you can work wonders courtesy of these pocket-friendly online marketing strategies.