Strategies to measure your social media results!


Strategies to measure your social media results - Pepagora Internet

Our consumers have discovered what incompetent social media efforts look like, and they’re exhausted from direct response advertising.

People are bored as businesses marketing on social media are only to sell them new products and services that they don’t require or need.

This direct type of social media advertising is hurting people out.

It’s upsetting people from our businesses and brands because we are not taking the time to reach our consumers where they are.

Businesses are striving hard to speed up the selling process that they overlook the customer and what the customer wants and needs.

  1. Map & Plan where you exactly want to go-

The first step in obtaining results on social media is to map and envision where you want your ideal consumer to move.

Make sure to personalize this for your social media promotion so the consumer will move through the buying process swiftly.

If you are uncertain how to manage your next conversion point you could ask yourself the following questions:

  • What journey are you seeking to take your ideal consumer on?
  • How do you want them to believe or feel about your business?
  • What action do you want them to practice?

These are all questions that will help you better understand how to be transparent on your expectations and know precisely what steps you want your audience to take.

  1. Create a piece of content-

Now you need to create a piece of content that you can present to your ideal audience on Facebook or Instagram.

The content you create could be a video, infographic, blog post, or any form of content that will get them to practice the first aspired step in your process that we talked about before. Also make sure that you create attractive content!

  1. Build a custom audience-

Here you need to build a custom audience on Facebook of the people who engaged with your first video or the initial piece of content.

This is where you want to take the people who just involved with your video or piece of content and move them forth in the buyers’ journey or to the next conversion point.

These are now hot leads that are more alike to purchasing with you.

  1. Take your leads onto next stage-

Researchers say it typically takes a person around seven strokes with a business before they make a purchase.

So, the purpose of the final step is to get the people from the custom audience you built to take the next step in your social media strategy or to make a purchase.

This is where you can perform specific content for each step in their customer journey that caters to their wants and needs.

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