Types of Facebook Ads that you can run for your business


Many companies are new to social media marketing doubt the ability of Facebook ads. They constantly argue whether they would work for their market or product efficiently. This is why you need to inquire about the waters yourself before administering an ad campaign. It’s always beneficial to take informative decisions, so why not?

Almost 30% of the marketers’ crash to determine the distinction between paid search and paid social campaigns. Now, that’s a significant number.

The solution is quite simple: while paid search assists your target market to discover your business, paid social campaigns to promote your business find potential customers.

Facebook advertising makes the latter. It engages you to reach out to targeted prospects and customers. It assists you to target particular user segments that are mostly to be involved in the products and services given by your brand.

  1. Page Likes

The very first ad type is the one that will promote your page’s organic reach. The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness about your brand and what you offer. It is to promote your target audience to support you on Facebook with a ‘like’ for more updates.

  1. Engagement Ads

These ads assist target existing users. They serve to make activity on your business website or within an app. You could use these ads to highlight new products, new features, or just run an offer that promotes them to engage with your app or website once again.

  1. Post Promotion

We all know how some posts do better than others on social media. When you’re directing people to your page, you will see that they communicate with some content more than what you have been posting so far. That’s your opportunity to target more consumers from that part.

  1. Acquisition Ads

One of the major goals for most businesses and apps is to get more users or customers. While engagement ads are targeted at re-engaging subsisting users, acquisition ads are focused on attracting new users/ customers to your business.

  1. Brand awareness

Sometimes the most reliable way to get more conversions is allowing people to know more about your brand. Using Facebook ads you can increase the exposure your brand name gets. But this can only be accomplished when you share exceptional content that authenticates you as an industry authority.

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