5 effective ways to leverage audience targeting in the right way


5 effective ways to leverage audience targeting in the right way

No matter whether you are managing social media marketing, search ads, display campaigns, or ppc campaigns, digital marketing agency, there is one thing you can never avoid: audience targeting.

Audience targeting has changed how we put ads and how we write ads.

Audience targeting took us from a relativistic opinion game in building campaigns to something that follows a complex science.

With the widespread use of audience targeting across the advertisement ecosystem, it is simple to refrain some strategies or neglect what would otherwise be a most excellent practice.

With that in mind, let’s look at some best practices and effective tips for climbing your audience targeting game.


  • Think Outside the Box


A common maneuver for advertisers is to set up their audience targeting with too small a focus.

To be precise, we’re not arguing that you should go wild and neglect granular targeting best practices. 


  • Schedule Time to Audit Audience Performance & Make Changes


Seems naïve, Yet this one is blown. A lot!

There is a huge value in applying audience targets with a 0% bid adjustment to observe the data and see what works.

That’s one of the only biggest advantages of these features.

However, we are all human and we overlook things.

We misremember to observe those audiences and then set bids based on performance.

Do yourself a kindness and schedule time to audit your audience targeting performance and make adjustments.


  • Audiences Like Company: Bundling is Better


Your audience targeting choices are a synergist that can provide assistance (or limit scope) to your multiple campaign types, digital advertising features, and platforms.

The time-tested combination of comprehensive match + remarketing audiences has set a great bar for bundling features with audiences.

The same approach can be used with dynamic search ads (DSA), too.


  • Matching Audience to Message


One of the original advantages of audience targeting was this notion of “the right message, at the right time, for the right person.”

Compelling stuff, right?

Audience targeting has enabled us to know who we are targeting so that we can modify the message.

We know this – and yet it doesn’t appear as much as it should, tailoring your ads based on the audience requires additional effort.


  • Don’t Fear Granularity


While you should definitely think something innovative with your audience targeting, don’t fear granularity either.

Too often sponsors are using audiences based on broad-stroke logic – all converters, all visitors, etc.

These catch-alls are an excellent outset place, but they are just that: a place to begin.

Complex and high performing campaigns that support audience targeting do so in a granular way.

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