How to make website design responsive quickly?


Responsive design is the habit of creating a website and formatting it so it can readjust to whichever screen size that accesses it.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, more people are exploring the internet through devices that emphasize smaller screens.

To assure these devices can achieve full functionality from your website, you must consolidate responsive techniques to your web design. If you’re admiring how to go completely responsive, here’s a quick guide that will help you:


  • Usable and flexible images-

An uncomplicated design allows for flexible images. You can quickly succeed with adaptive sizing. You must assure proper sizing for mobile users if you solicit adequate speeds, which are essential in responsive design.

You could also optimize diverging breakpoints and save various image sizes in your data for different screen resolutions. Responsive design has compliant grids that you can resize to whichever width you want.


  • Don’t forget to add a viewport-

You must include a viewport Meta tag also for basic pages. The viewport is a very significant part of growing multi-device experiences.

Your site won’t function correctly on mobile devices without it. The component shows the flags to the browser that the page entails scaling to fit the screen. You can define multiple configurations for the viewport to control the page display.


  • Discard non-essential content-

To achieve the mobile-friendly design and stand apart easily, you must keep in mind that some content is not supposed to function in a mobile context.

If these factors subsist in your site or potential site layout, drop them instantly for whichever mobile setting.

You can achieve this by using a not_mobile class to critical elements that you’d like excluded when users see your site in a mobile context.


  • Hire professionals-

Another best reason to achieve responsive design on the mobile for users, you can hire professional web designing companies like Pepagora Internet. Our innovative minds can develop an aesthetic design for your website that runs seamlessly on a mobile device and web browser.