Quarantine, social distancing- COVID-19 has made us realized nothing is permanent in this world. We’ve witnessed this reflection in many fields of our work, some anticipated and some new. One marketing campaign component that seems to be suffering the most risk is paid advertising. Many clients have revealed concern about […]

COVID-19 has disrupted day-to-day life upside-down, and from the growing stats, it will cause more severe damage on a larger scale, on more than just people’s wellness. From canceled meetings to exploited supply chains, not even global businesses and economies are shielded from it. Over the past few weeks, the […]

COVID-19 is all over the world, to be honest. No one can get off the projected models, latest headlines, or local news. But what about those who breathe in marketing? Marketers are not only dealing with the personal aspects of a disaster, but also handling client crisis as its own. […]

Responsive design is the habit of creating a website and formatting it so it can readjust to whichever screen size that accesses it. With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, more people are exploring the internet through devices that emphasize smaller screens. To assure these devices can achieve full […]

The COVID-19 crisis has shaped the lives of people in unusual ways. With lockdowns, travel bans, and forced quarantines, this human disaster is having a collision on the global economy. It is unquestionably not business as normal. This coronavirus pandemic is truly an alarming call for companies and directors to […]